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A set of 38 single Glycerine-based (Non-alcoholic) Bach remedies in 10 ml bottles. Plus two 10 ml bottles of Glycerine-based Rescue Remedy. Glycerine-based remedies contain mother tincture diluted at the ratio of 2 drops per 30 ml in a base of 80% glycerine, 20% water.

Especially suitable for anybody who wants to avoid alcohol. For reasons of health or belief, these are full-strength stock remedies. They can be re-diluted into personal dropper bottles etc. in the usual way.

Packed in a cardboard box for secure shipping.

Please note: the labels on the bottles and the booklet within are in Japanese (except the remedy name). The reason for this is that these remedies are made for the Japanese market. You can find all the information in the booklet on Bach Centre website.

Complete 10 ml Glycerine-based (Non-alcoholic) remedy set

₹26,000.00 Regular Price
₹25,000.00Sale Price
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