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With Original Bach Flower Remedies

Get rid of negative emotions and feelings. Bring positivity in life with Sujatha Jayachandran, BFRP, Internationally Licensed Bach Foundation registered Practitioner with the Bach Centre, U.K.


Sujatha, BFRP, internationally licensed Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner
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Sujatha .J, BFRP

Founder, Healing Works


Healing works was started in 2022 by Sujatha Jayachandran, BFRP, an internationally Licensed Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner with Bach Centre,U.K. in Chennai with a mission to promote emotional well-being through  Bach Flower Remedies & empower individuals with the knowledge on Original Bach Flower System of self-healing.

Bach Flower Original Alcohol-Free Remedies, Healing Works

What AreBach FlowerRemedies

Bach Flower Remedies are a popular alternate healing system to heal emotional problems and negative state of mind we experience in life like fear, anger, hatred, stress, grief, uncertainty e.t.c. Bach Original Flower Remedies offer 38 natural flower essences that address a specific negative emotion and helps to overcome such negative state of mind and achieve emotional well-being and good health.

Original glycerin based Bach Flower Remedies stock concentrate Kit
Bach Flower Remedies Pictorial reference cards from Healing Works

Bach Flower Pictorial Cards

Learn Bach flower remedies like never before

3-Day Online  Self-healing Workshop in  English / Tamil

  • Workshop is intended with a genuine intention of taking forward Dr. Bach's work of Self-healing

  • Learn the Original Bach Flower System from an internationally Certified Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner

  • Comprehensive workshop with 10 modules covering all aspects of the Original Bach Flower Healing System 

  • Live Online Zoom sessions 7 hours a day from comfort of your home

  • Workshops are conducted  separately in English & Tamil 

  • Get  Bach Flower Pictorial Reference cards in PDF format curated for easy reference

  • Get Bach Flower Self-Healing CHAMPION BADGE at the end of workshop

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Why Healing Works?

Bach Centre

Licensed Practitioner

 Internationally Certified Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner with Bach Centre, U.K.

Online Consultations anywhere in India

Online consultations through  Zoom sessions from comfort of your home

Original non-alcoholic Bach Flower Essence

Treatment bottle made from Original Alcohol-free glycerin based stock concentrate imported from U.K.

Shipping Across India

Get FREE shipping inside Tamilnadu

Peronalized Mix

Choose your remedy (up to 7 essence) for a personalized mix

Exclusive OFFER

Pay only for the Personal Mix

(30 ML bottle) 

and get 45 mins of consultation  absolutely FREE

Self-Healing Workshop at just 299/-

3-day online workshops in Original Bach Flower System for Self-healing in English & Tamil

Products & Services

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Have More Questions?

Original Bach Flower non-alcoholic Remedies

P. Keertana
IT Professional

I would like to thank Healing Works for bringing in amazing changes in my life. I approached Sujatha for my issues at my office with absolute lose in confidence, completely stressed out by the demands of my work & highly emotional as a person. Bach Flower remedies helped me to develop the much needed confidence and to recollect myself and be in charge of my emotions. My gratitude to Healing works & Bach flower remedies.

Original Bach Flower Remedies Personal Mix

The Labrador

My dog had health issues which used to suffer frequent epileptic attacks. In spite of constant treatment from Vet there was no much improvement as the reason was my pet's temperament. I got to know about Bach Flower Remedies and reached out to Sujatha mam  to check if anything could be done. Started to give RESCUE REMEDY to my dog as per mam's advice and to my surprise, the episodes of attack got reduced drastically. My pet's timidness nature also changed to great extent with addition of other remedies. Thank You.

Original Bach Flower Remedies Personal Mix

House Wife

I am a house wife who suffered sleeplessness for more than a year. My constant worries about my family prevented me from having a good night sleep and with health issues also cropping took Bach Flower remedies from Sujatha who helped me in the healing process through out and gain my sleep back. I am able to sleep peacefully without disturbances at night with my health also improving well. Bach Flower remedies have become part of our family's well being now.  Many thanks to Sujatha and Bach Flower Remedies.

Original Bach Flower Remedies Personal Mix


I would like to appreciate the help provided by Bach Flower Remedies to my bed ridden aged mom with mobility issues. She was unable to sleep during night for the past one year. I approached Sujatha for consultation. After assessment she recommended Bach flower remedies which really helped my mom to get good night sleep. I thank Sujatha and Bach Flower remedies for helping my mother.

Client Feedback

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