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What are Bach Flower Remedies?

Bach Philosophy

There is no true healing unless there is a change in outlook, peace of mind, and inner happiness

- Edward Bach

The Bach Flower System is a flower-based remedies that was developed in the 1930’s by Dr. Edward Bach, a successful physician and microbiologist in London who believed that emotional well being was key to good health. Bach flower remedies are powerful yet gentle healing system that can help you resolve emotional imbalances. Dr Bach believed that negative moods and emotions are responsible for the breakdown in our health, which then leads to illness. During his medicine practice he realized that people reacted differently to illness, so he wanted to treat the person as a whole rather than what they were suffering from. Dr. Bach became dissatisfied with orthodox medicine and was convinced there must be a system of healing based purely in nature which led him to discover flower remedies and their potential to change a negative state of mind into a positive one.

Dr. Edward Bach

Dr. Edward Bach

Why Bach Remedies?

To neutralize negative states of mind

Achieve emotional well-being & spiritual balance

For Stress free life & maintain inner sense of calm

Increase confidence & handle set-backs in life

Bring Positive change in your life

To deal depression & anxiety disorders

Overcome your fears, doubts, worries, anger, sadness, loneliness & uncertainty

Deal with grief, shock & stressful situations in life

The ultimate healing system to transform your life

Bach system is an effective and simple healing modality for anyone to learn and self-heal themselves and their families to achieve the emotional balance and overall well being. The system embraces an easy-to-understand approach to selection and use of remedies. ​The complete system comprises 38 remedies made from wild flowers that acts on moods and emotional outlooks  where each flower remedy relates to an emotion. The system of healing is purely vibrational that acts on the subtle body. The remedies treats negative mental states in individuals such as, fear, worry, hatred, indecision and helps in developing a positive state of mind allowing peace and happiness to return and restoring health giving the body its natural ability to heal itself in illnesses. The remedies are used over 70 countries for over 90 years with millions of people benefiting from this alternate & complementary healing system. ​Bach remedies are non-toxic, non-addictive & absolutely safe to use, be it for infants or elderly, pets and even plants can benefit from the remedies. The remedies can be taken along with modern medicines without fear of any side-effects. Bach Flower Remedies are ideal for sustained wellness and can be taken to prevent illness.

The Bach Centre, U.K.

Bach Centre, U.K

How do Bach Flower Remedies work?

Bach Flower Remedies work on our minds rather to put it precisely, it works on the emotional body addressing the negative emotional states and restores the mind-body equilibrium. The flowers according to Dr. Bach are the flowers of higher order in plant kingdom are very different from those one's that is used for therapeutic use and Dr. Bach did not consider those plants and flowers  that were used for food. Dr. Bach was led by his intuition towards these wild flowers spread across the valley in Mount Vernon, U.K. where Dr. Bach discovered 38 flowers each corresponding to 38 emotions. 


Bach Flower Remedies works on the principle of Law of Resonance. These wild flowers said to have high vibrational power and vibrates at  a higher frequency. Our emotions in negative state vibrate at a  very low frequency and when corresponding flower essence is consumed, the vibrational pattern  of a negative emotion is transformed to a higher frequency matching the frequency of the Bach flower. In this way, the negative emotional patterns are changed to positive state and positive virtues are developed achieving overall emotional and mental well-being.

How does Bach Flower Remedies work?


Rescue Remedy

Rescue Remedy is the most famous of the remedies, but in fact is not ‘a single remedy’ instead it’s a blend of five different Bach remedies: Star of Bethlehem, Clematis, Rock Rose, Impatiens & Cherry Plum. This mix was created by Dr Bach to deal with emergencies and crises – the moments when there is no time to make a proper individual selection of remedies. It can be used to help us get through any stressful moments in our day-to-day life from last-minute exam tensions, before a job interview or any personal emergencies at home for ourselves & our loved ones. It is one of the most popular remedy among Bach remedies and millions of people around the globe have benefited from its effectiveness including famous celebrities. Many people carry a bottle of Rescue Remedy with them in their bags and during travel to handle any contingencies which allow them to handle any unexpected stressful situations.

Rescue Remedy

Bach Centre, U.K

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