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How do Bach Flower Remedies Work?

Bach Flower Remedies work on our minds rather to put it precisely, it works on the emotional body addressing the negative emotional states and restores the mind-body equilibrium. The flowers according to Dr. Bach are the flowers of higher order in plant kingdom are very different from those one's that is used for therapeutic use and Dr. Bach did not consider those plants and flowers  that were used for food. Dr. Bach was led by his intuition towards these wild flowers spread across the valley in Mount Vernon, U.K. where Dr. Bach discovered 38 flowers each corresponding to 38 emotions.  Bach Flower Remedies works on the principle of Law of Resonance. These wild flowers said to have high vibrational power and vibrates at  a higher frequency. Our emotions in negative state vibrate at a  very low frequency and when corresponding flower essence is consumed, the vibrational pattern  of a negative emotion is transformed to a higher frequency matching the frequency of the Bach flower. In this way, the negative emotional patterns are changed to positive state and positive virtues are developed achieving overall emotional and mental well-being.

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