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Online Consultation

With Sujatha, BFRP
Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner

Original Bach Flower Remedies Online consultation with Sujatha, BFRP
Sujatha Jayachandran , Bach Foundation International registration certificate

What does the Consultation include?

  • A safe online space where you can feel relaxed to discuss the issues

  • 60-minute consultation via Zoom video call or an in-person consultation

  • Arrive at a mutually agreeable remedy mix based on the discussion

  • Personalized bottle of suggested Bach Flower Remedies 

  • Clear Dosage instructions

  • Periodic review and follow up to ascertain the progress

  • Get your Consultation for 45 mins absolutely FREE. Pay only for the Personal Remedy Mix

When a Bach Flower Consultation is Beneficial?

  • You need a certified Bach Flower practitioner to help you with your emotional issues

  • You know your issues and are unsure which to remedies to take

  • You need to overcome day-to-day issues like anger, worries, anxiety, sadness, frustrationuncertainty

  • You need to handle & cope up with major life changes like divorce, death in family, menopause etc

  • You need to improve your quality of life and enhance overall well being

  • You need to feel joyful, energized & be healthy

Pet Consultation

Pets are important part of our families. Animals too have emotions and as a pet parent any disturbances in your pet's well-being is a great concern to you. Bach remedies can help your animals in exactly the same way they help you and the rest of your family. Bach flower remedies work as a complementary therapy for your pets and addresses the behavioral and emotional problems. Always have your pets checked by a vet if there is sudden change in behavior, so as to identify any disease or injury that might require treatment.


Bach Flower Remedies can help pets with:

  • Visits to the vet

  • New home & adapting to new surroundings

  • Qualities like aggressiveness & timidness

  • Fear of loud noises, meeting strangers

  • Highly stressful situations

  • Excessive barking

  • Separation anxiety

  • Shock & trauma

  • Obsessive grooming

  • Death of family member

  • Any emergency situation

Image by Jamie Street
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