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Question & Answers

Q: What are Bach Flower Remedies?

A: Bach Flower Remedies are a natural, safe way of bringing the inner peace and balance in individuals. First discovered between 1920s and 1930s by Dr. Edward Bach in England, these flower remedies work by helping the individuals balance any negative emotions they might be experiencing such as feelings of fear, anxiety, worry, uncertainty, or a lack of confidence. These types of feelings interfere with our equilibrium in turn affecting our health. In today’s modern world, people suffer from various life style diseases such as Blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease & stress related illness due to emotional imbalance. Bach Flower Remedies will help restore our true self, and improve our emotional balance thus giving the body its natural ability to heal itself and restore health. There are 38 different remedies available that help overcome a variety of negative emotions that affect both people and animals. These flower essences help people to overcome the negative state of mind, develop positive virtues and transform the negative behavioural patterns for a better YOU.

Q. How Bach flower remedies work?

A. Dr Bach used a metaphor to describe how the remedies work. He said, ‘they are able, like beautiful music, or any gloriously uplifting thing which gives us inspiration, to raise our very natures, and bring us nearer to our Souls: and by that very act, to bring us peace, and relieve our sufferings.’Just as a beautiful sunset or a photograph can move us so that we feel more at peace, so taking a remedy uplift us in a gentle way and helps us be the best we are.

Having said that, Bach flower remedies works at the energy level of our subtle bodies as each flower carries a certain frequency of vibrations that resonates with human frequency of mental states. When taken the right flower, the energy of flowers transforms the low vibrating frequencies of our emotional imbalances to a higher frequency restoring the balance and harmony.


Q: Do Bach flower remedies have any side effects?

A: Bach Flower remedies are subtle form of treatment that influences the energy pattern of the body. The remedies as such have no side effects at all even in case of wrong remedies taken or over dosage. But at times there has been some flaring up of symptoms is reported in few cases and in such instances there is no need to panic but to reach out to your Bach flower consultant to look into the same or to work out a different selection of remedies.

Q. Is Bach Flower remedies prescribed for Physical ailments?

A. No. Bach flower remedies are not prescribed for physical ailments. It is recommended that Bach Flowers be used as supportive modality for any physical illness everything from common cold to cancer. Most of the time it helps in improving the psychological states that often accompany an illness like resignation, hopelessness, impatience so that the body’s natural ability to heal itself is restored.

Q: Does the alcohol content in the remedies have any negative effects?

A: No. When mixed with water, the amount is so minute that it has no effect. Having said that, if someone is really concerned about the alcohol content, the remedies can be added to any hot beverages like tea or coffee or hot water to vaporize the alcohol content. Alcohol is added as a preservative in Bach Flower essences.


Q: Is Bach Flowers remedies habit forming?

A: Bach flower remedies are not habit forming as they are taken to re-establish the harmony and ward off negative emotions. When ever the balance is restored, the essence has no effect and the person may naturally stop taking remedies out of lack of interest or forget to take it.

Q: Is there any placebo effect in Bach Flowers?

A: Any healing modality have a placebo effect. However, the real effect of Bach Flower Remedies are seen in children, animals and plants who does not consciously take the remedies and positive effects on them speak for the effectiveness of the remedies. Any placebo effect could be soon only for a brief period and long term effectiveness are only due to remedies themselves.


Q: Is it possible to combine other medicines with Bach Flowers?

A: Absolutely yes. Bach Flowers can be combined with other medicines and allopathy treatments safely without fear of any side effects.


Q: What happens if I take wrong Bach Flower remedy?

A: Nothing will happen if you take a wrong choice of remedy. The wrong flowers neither negatively nor positively affect you rather it will have no effect on you.


Q: Are there standard combinations for specific problems or situations?

A: Except for Rescue remedy combination there are no specific combinations for situations or problems like what it is been publicized these days. Say for example a girl is not married which is an issue to her and her parents, there is no remedy combinations for 'marriage' as every person's emotional state differs in case of not getting married. Some may feel resentful about their situation and some may have given up their hope of getting married. So a one fit for all combination never works though the issue could be just not getting married.


A: Can Bach flower remedies be used as preventive measure?

Q: No. Bach flower remedies are used to restore balance and harmony when they have been lost. Bach flower effects will have no effect when a person is balanced emotionally. Having said that, when we are emotionally balanced, lot of life style diseases can be prevented.

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