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Bach Flower Remedies Training

Online Workshops

3-Day Online  Self-healing Workshop in  English / Tamil

Healing Works offers a 3-day ( 7 hrs / day) Master Self-Healing Course where an individual can learn the complete Original Bach Flower Healing System. This course is intended to promote Self-healing and healing family members to over come your emotional balance and achieve positivity and over-all wellness. Learn the simplest and effective way to self-heal with Bach Flower Remedies with Sujatha Jayachandran, BFRP, Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner in the comfort of your own home.  The courses are offered in English & Tamil language.

Level 1 Distance Learning Program - Direct with Bach Centre

Level 1 Distance Learning - Direct With Bach Centre

Level 1 Distance learning Program is the course offered directly by the BACH CENTRE, U.K. This course is mainly for the students who would like to take up Bach Flower Remedies professionally as a starting point with level 1 and later move to level 2 and level 3 to become a registered Practitioner. This course is also for students who would want to take the course directly with the Bach Centre.


The student can opt in for this L1DLP course through HEALING WORKS who is the authorized provider of the course through Bach Centre. By enrolling through HEALING WORKS, students get special discounts on the fees and 2 FREE study books required to complete the course which is otherwise payable at the Bach Centre in GBP currency without any discounts. Also, Sujatha Jayachandran, BFRP who is a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner will mentor you through out the course till completion. She will co-ordinate between the student and The Bach Centre and the assessment lessons will be marked by the mentor herself. Upon completion, the student receives the Level 1 course completion certificate from the Bach Centre, U.K

Courses approved by The Bach Centre

* Offer  Price is when your enroll L1DLP through HEALING WORKS

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