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Bach Flower Training

Bach Flower Remedies Training India


Bach Flower Remedies Basics - 3-day course Rs. 2000/-

Learn the simplest and effective way to self-heal with Bach Flower Remedies with Sujatha Jayachandran, BFRP, Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner in the comfort of your own home. Learn the basics of Bach Flower system and help yourself and your family and family members overcome emotional issues. The courses are offered in English & Tamil language.

Timing - 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Date - Ongoing
Location -  Zoom Session
Language - English / Tamil

What you will learn

The Bach Flower remedies course is a 2 day workshop runs for 7.0 hours per day covering 10 modules of original bach flower remedy teachings. Experience Bach Flower remedies first hand and learn to incorporate them into your daily life of this simple yet comprehensive 2 Day workshop. Given below the course details. Module 1-Introduction to the Bach Flower Remedies. Module 2-History of Dr Edward Bach. Module 3-Original teachings of Dr. Bach system healing system. Module 4-Learn about the 38 remedies, indications & behavioral patterns in the negative state of mind. Module 5-How Bach Flower remedies work. Module 6-A grasp of the subtle differences & similarities between remedies. Module 7-Self assessment & Guide to Select right remedies. Module 8-Understand the application of the remedies to everyday situations. Module 9-Dosage & Administration. Module 10-Choosing remedies for others. A course completion certificate from Healing Works will be provided at the end of the session.

Who should attend the Workshop

The Bach Flower Remedies Course can be taken up by anyone who wishes to use this therapy for themselves. This workshop enables you to select remedies for yourself and family and no prerequisite to take up the course. However, please note that the course will be taught in English & basic understanding of the language is required. ​Individuals: 1. Interested in Self-healing using Flower essence. 2. To neutralize negative states of mind. 3. For Stress free life. 4. To maintain inner sense of calm. 5. Suffering to deal with other day-to-day emotions like anger, intolerance. 6. Looking to increase their self confidence. 7. Wanting to know more about their own emotional state. 8. Who would like to be in control of their own & family’s physical and emotional well-being. 9. Who like to transform their lives and develop positive behavioural patterns. 10. To lead a harmonius life.

Direct from The Bach centre, U.K.

The Level 1 Distance Learning Programme - L1 DLP

The Level 1 Distance Learning Programme -  L1 DLP is the Bach Centre's introductory level 1 correspondence course & is a certified course by the Bach Centre,UK. that can be taken from the comfort of your home and start your training any time at your own pace. The English L1 DLP comprises five lessons that will be sent to your email and two required set books: The Bach Remedies Workbook and Bach Flower Remedies Step by Step which will be mailed to your address by Healing Works.

Mentor - You will be mentored by Sujatha Jayachandran, Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner through out the course by phone or email. Your work will be marked by your Mentor and will provide ongoing support till you complete the lessons and get certified. 

Timing - Any time
Date - Ongoing
Location -  Distance Learning
Language - English
Certificate -  From Bach Centre, U.K.

Who should attend the L1DLP with the Bach Centre

  1. Any one who is interested to take up the Level 1 Bach Flower training with the Bach Centre directly

  2. Any person who like to take the course at their own pace without the need to sit in a online class room

  3. Any person who needs mentoring through out the course by a qualified Bach Foundation registered practitioner

  4. Any person who wants to pursue Bach remedies professionally and qualify to move to Level 2

Course Fee - 28,700/-
Special Offer - Get Bach Remedies Workbook and Bach Flower Remedies Step by Step worth Rs.1000/- for FREE.
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